The Cost of Being Female

What does it cost to be female? The price tag is remarkable, the receipt is long. Let me tell you about it:

It’s makeup, feminine products, birth control, mace, self-defense classes, a fear of walking alone, a fear of being cornered, of getting drugged at a bar, getting pregnant, not being believed, of our sexuality being used against us, our sexuality being exploited, our ovaries getting regulated. It’s belittlement, it’s disrespect, it’s suffering silently, it’s ‘speak out and be punished,’ it’s trying not to bruise his ego. It’s don’t burp, fart, act out of line. It’s being submissive, inferior, and don’t forget to act like you adore him. It’s ‘I hope you find a man to take care of you’ or ‘you shouldn’t have worn that dress.’ It’s ‘make me a sandwich.’ It’s get married by 30 or you’re screwed. It’s, ‘it’s not too late to have children.’ It’s smile more, be grateful, dodge the catcalls. It’s career vs. family.

*pushes glasses back*

It’s expensive, really expensive. So excuse me while I don’t mourn the jobs these men are losing. Their desks, their incomes, their jobs… I hope they go to females.

We’ve got a lot of bills to cover.

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